solar water heater
solar water heater - 1A
  • Hot water day and night for all your needs
  • Environment friendly
  • Manufactured to suit local climatic conditions with a wide range of capacities to suit customer requirements
  • Free and risks and health hazards
  • Ideal solution for ever increasing electricity bills
  • Short payback on the investment

Big saving in your energy Bills
By installing a solar geyser youíll be using the sunís free energy to heat your water. So you can reduce your water energy consumption by 50% - 90% imagine the saving in your energy bills EVERY year. And as energy cost continue to rise youíll be very glad you made the switch to solar

Why choose SolaHeat
Living in South Africa with the abundance of solar energy, itís an alternative that makes perfect sense. And its one that wonít impact on your quality of life.

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